Merry Imbolc!

Imbolc is the early celebration of spring for NeoDruids and is sacred to the Goddess Brigid. Brigid is also the goddess of the forge and smithing…so let’s celebrate!



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Oceans bracelet

I have a batch of flourite that looks so much like sea glass. These stones glow in beautiful blue, green and purple colors that remind me of tropical seas.  I had been trying to decide what to do with them. I made a bracelet from some of them over the weekend. I also handmade the toggle clasp. It just speaks of carefree summer days to me…something I’m looking forward too! I will have to make some earrings, at least one necklace and some more bracelets as I have a decent-sized batch of these stones.

Ametrine Vine Necklace

The necklace was pure inspiration also. I just started creating freeform filigree with 16 gauge SS wire and this necklace appeared. I was trying to figure out what to do with this beautiful ametrine. It was perfect for it. This necklace has a very different feel from the bracelet, two different sources of inspiration, two very different looks.

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Medieval Modern Pendant

Here’s one of the first of my ornate Medieval Modern pendants. I have about 1/2 dozen different, unique designs planned all with different stones. This sterling silver pendant is set with a large lapiz lazuli and a smaller, rare, Oregon sunstone.  I like the juxtaposition of wearing these pendants on leather cord, it gives it more of modern, casual feel, so that you can wear them anytime.

I’m a bit obsessed with Oregon sunstones lately, and my pendants will feature more of them. They are a light, sunny orange with a pink shiller throughout. A really interesting color that stands out beautifully in silver.

More goodies to come! I’ll be making a sapphire and sunstone pendant and earring set in this ornate style, a rhodochrosite pendant, three flourite pendants, a druzy pendant and a large labradorite pendant. Also in the wings are many cute dangle earrings. I hope to get some bench time in during the week and I’ll post ’em up when they are finished.

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Crown Jewel


I made this ring in record time. It probably took me an hour to create the whole thing. The center stone is a large iolite. It was made of forged and soldered sterling silver.

The earrings feature lemon quartz and blue topaz. I think they’re way cool. I’m going to make some more like them. I call them my Cthulu earrings….

I have a few big pendants planned and I’m kicking around ideas for earrings. I have far too many briolette stones from my wire wrapping days. What to do with them all? I guess I’ll slowly use them up in earrings and as dangly things on pendants, I guess. Maybe hang some on bracelets? I guess that would work too.

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Back to metalsmithing

I took  a little foray into the wire wrapping world. I’m starting to think it’s not for me. I really crave the torch and the hammer, to wield total control over the metal and create something hard and permanent. There’s some great things that wire artists are doing, but ultimately I don’t think it’s for me. Back to the bench.

I’ll post some new things over the weekend.


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Wild About Wire

One of the copper earrings

I just love intricate wire jewelry. It’s so lacy and exotic. To me it always has an air of the ancient about it, very Byzantine, Greco-Roman or even sometimes Egyptian. And what a great

The two together, with a lovely assortment of stones

way to showcase gorgeous gemstone beads!

With silver being so expensive I’m doing some dabbling in copper too. I think copper is gorgeous, warm, earthy and very easy to work with. Copper will be gorgeous paired with springtime fashions and sunkissed complexions.

Of course I plan on making silver versions of some of my creations. And even gold if requested!

Here’s a picture of a pair of copper wire-work filigree earrings I made over the weekend. The stones are chalcedony, amethyst, purple quartz, iolite and hematite.

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Rings and things

works in progress 2/22

Works in progress, (rings are in the center)

I have been reluctant to make rings. The whole sizing issue always got me. I couldn’t get over the thought that I’d make some kind of fantastic ring and then the person who would want it would of course need a size eight, when I’d made a 5. And it would be full of stones making it impossible to size. I’m seriously getting ahead of myself! I’m just not going to stress about it anymore.

I’ll choose to believe that the perfect person will find her perfect ring…and sizing won’t matter so much!

That being said, if you have a need for a particular ring or see something that I’ve made in the past that you like and would like for me to make again…I most certainly will do that for you!

Here are a few rings in process…enjoy!

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