Golden Peace

Gold Peace Pendant in Kiln

Finished firing and ready to come out.


This is a commissioned piece that I’m really excited about. The customer wanted a gold peace pendant, not silver or gold plated, but real gold. So I went all out and bought 22k gold clay and wire for the project. I think that there is nothing more luxurious and beautiful as high-karat gold jewelry. It makes 14k look like silver.

I considered all of the options. Carving it out of sheet gold would have left a lot of waste and would have been expensive for me to execute. Sure I could always use the leftovers later, but it would take me forever to recoup the cost of the metals. I did consider using gold wire and soldering it. Actually, in hindsight this would’ve been easier and I probably would have done this instead. I ended up using 22k gold metal clay. I formed and filed it by hand and ensured that I didn’t allow any waste of materials. It was then fired at 1380F for an hour with an intial high-speed ramp.

I really like the organic, matte finish with burnished edges. I think this gives gold a beautiful warm glow. All that it needs now is a jump ring and then it’s done and ready to go to its new home.

22K Gold Peace Pendant

22k Gold Pendant now has a matte finish and is ready for a jump ring.

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Hello world!

Green Quartz and Sterling Silver Spiderweb Earrings

Here is where I’ll post pictures and updates on my craft. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me. I have many new and wonderful things brewing on my workbench….

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